11 Middle Eastern Street Foods You Shouldn’t Miss

The Middle East is a treasure trove of wondrous street food. Wander through the many bustling markets in this region and your senses go wild: fragrant spices waft up to your nose, spreads of fresh veggies and herbs sprawl out before you, and the smoke of char-grilled meats rises above the crowds. You hear the bubbling of the fryer and feel the warmth of soft pillowy breads baking in wood-fired ovens. It’s an endless sea of culinary delights in which every visitor can’t help but indulge.

Each location, from Israel to Morocco, is unique in its flavors and preparations. This is good news – there is always more to taste, no matter where you’ve already gone! Looking to dive into the street food scene? Discover some of the best street foods you simply can’t miss as you travel throughout the Middle East.